i7 15” MBP Portable DIT Station

Apple Mac Pro Intel Xeon Quad-Core 3.7 Ghz 1 TB SSD 16 MB Ram

2X AMD FirePro D300


Eizo CG 246 ( Tether Tools Mount )


Storage /
Auto BackUp:

Lacie 2Big Dock 4TB RAid 1 ( Thundelbolt 3/2 -Usb 3.1)


Conectivity: OWC Thundelbolt 2 Dock Station

Power Supply:

UPS Salicru SPS Shojo+ 1000 W


Apple Magic Keyboard/Apple Magic Mouse

(Also available Apple Magic Trackpad )

Wacom Intuos Photo

Card Reader ( CF,SD,XQD)

Software Installed:

Capture One (last version)

Suite Adobe CC Complete

ChronoSync ( Last Version)

Wacom Intuos Drivers

Color Navigator ( Hardware Calibration App)

Calibration Device:

DataColor Spyder 4 Elite ( Included)

The workstation is mounted over a Lince Crane 100 Foldable Cart

Second Screen Unit:

Eizo CS 2420 (Mathews Mount) + Apple Magic Keyboard +

Apple Magic Mouse/Trackpad + Cardellini/Keyboard desk

Low Boy Stand + 30 feet cable ( Hdmi,Power & USB 3.0)

Option Screen:

Option Screen On Location Screen Power Kit

Option Printer:

Epson SC P800 ( Up to A2)

More Options:

Adicam 100 Foldable Cart

Ful Tangent Element Desk

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